Since we first met, my husband and I decided that a time would come when our family would welcome an abandoned child. We have been married for 14 years and blessed with three wonderful children: Andrei – 13 years old, Luca – 8 years old and Elisa – 5 years old. Our adoption story begins in 2013 when accidentally we read an article which said that more children were abandoned that year than the previous year. Together we talked again about the possibility of extending our family and we began making plans. We considered that the best way was to adopt a little girl same age with our youngest. We talked to the children too and their reaction was perfect. I confess they taught us many lessons ever since.

When we decided that it was the right time for adoption, we met a little girl who was already adoptable in our neighbourhood, in a foster home. We bonded and went to the Adoption Office thinking she might be the little girl we had been waiting for. (We didn’t know then that God had already prepared someone else for us.) The Adoption Office told us what procedure we had to follow for the adoption of a child and warned us that there was a possibility for that little girl to find a family before we could get our certificate as adoptive parents. Even if the information was meant to discourage us, we left more motivated and thought we should do everything we could if that was what we really wanted. This is how that Friday we left with a long list of necessary documents and next Monday we already filed everything in.

We finally got the certificate for adoptive parents. It was a difficult moment because the little girl whom we thought would part of our family was a perfect fit for other parents who had already had their certificate. It was frustrating and painful, even if we knew from the very beginning that there was this possibility.

We got over this when we received our certificate and waited for the little girl who would complete our family. And that was how we met her for the first time, on a Tuesday.

We found a little girl with short hair and green eyes, very rumbustious, maybe too much sometimes. Her name is Edelina.

We must confess we didn’t feel any special bond that moment, nothing moved us, as we had heard in other adoption stories. When we got home, our family decided we would continue the procedure because we simply couldn’t find any reason to say no.When we got home, our family decided we would continue the procedure because we simply couldn’t find any reason to say no. We soon realized we might be her only chance and that the decision to adopt came from our desire to offer a family to a child, not it wasn’t governed by whim.

Accommodation was really difficult, both for us, as parents and for her, and it was a normal thing, even if at first we were very confident in us. But, our other children welcomed her like she had always been our family. I’ll give you an example: Luca (7 years old then), about two weeks after her arrival home, was asked by his grandma: “What is it like with your new sister ? Do you like her?” Without hesitating, he answered: “No, but I love her because she is family!” (and we know that ”no” was to girls in general because he and his older brother would always tease each other on this subject).How beautiful and simple it is to see things through kids’ eyes!

Almost a year and a half has passed and things have settled in somehow. We have discovered many qualities in her, the most important being her big HEART – she loves a whole lot and is always ready to help. Her early years must have affected her a great deal because of the unfavourable environment she grew up in, no appreciation and no emotional support. But together we are trying to heal all these wounds. More to the point, she has overcome certain fears (she would wake up a lot during the night and cry), she is more and more self-confident and makes a good team with her sister. By the way, they are born only three days apart. This way we know now that one can have twins a few days apart.

In conclusion, I would like to add that some time ago, we ”accidentally” met someone who was very close to our adopted girl, with an incredible life experience. She was the only person to visit her when she was placed in a home. She confessed that every time she visited her she would pray that God would give Edelina a family who would love her unconditionally and teach her the Christian values, so she could grow up in a healthy environment where she could see God’s love. I felt overwhelmed. I found out everything is under God’s control, that someone up there watches over us and that we are the answer to those prayers. We really want to fulfil this task because ”the end of a matter is better than its beginning.” (Ecclesiastes 7:8a)

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