Foster Caregiving Services ensure the protection of the child who needs certain protection measures that cover the bringing up, caring for and education of the child by a professional foster caregiver; this protection also includes child placement in case of emergency.

Need be, every child has the right to foster caregiving services. The child and the family have direct access to foster caregiving services that acknowledge and address their individual needs.

The professional foster caregiver is a certified individual who carries the child through a balanced bringing up, caring for and education, either at home or in placement.

If a person wants to get the certificate as a Professional Foster Caregiver they must:

  • be legally competent;
  • through their social conduct, health status and psychological profile, offer guarantees that they will rightly fulfill the obligations that parents have concerning the bringing up, caring for and education of their children;
  • provide a location that covers the needs of cooking, hygiene, education and rest of those who dwell in it, including the children that will be placed there;
  • attend the professional training courses organized by the foster caregiving services.

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