IMG_0079From April 14 to 15, 2016 in Târgu Mureș Romania Without Orphans Alliance organized the training of the “Trauma Consortium” of the Alliance. The meeting gathered together some of the TBRI trainers (Trust-Based Relational Intervention), trained by Dr. David Schooler and Dr. Jayne Schooler in 2015, along with other people active in healing children with trauma history.The subject on ”Secondary traumatic stress, burnout and self-care” had a huge success among the participants, who came from different parts of Romania: Bucharest, Brașov, Arad, Oradea, Pitești, Târgu Mureș.

The subject was approached from different perspectives from reasons why we tend to neglect psychological and emotional self-care, differences and similarities between secondary traumatic stress and burnout, signs and factors of secondary traumatic stress that trigger them to warning signs and recovery strategies, strategies and methods for self-care.

The attendees could experience over 20 assessment tests, diagnosis survey and self-care strategies.

“I have never realized before the risks I am taking at work and the importance of self-care. I am leaving with a specific plan for next week and I want it to become a IMG_0071routine in my life”, said one of the participants. “I became aware of the importance of building systems that offer caregiving to those we lead. I cannot wait to go back home and make changes in the organization I am leading”, said another. “I have gone through burnout before and the seminary has been very helpful for me, teaching me how to plan and prevent going through it again. The most important idea – having a support group of people who play different roles in my life.”

Romania Without Orphans Alliance puts together over 30 non-governmental and religious organizations, companies, public and private figures who have devoted to serving the physical, psychological and spiritual needs of the children at risk. It offers services such as adoption, family placement, caregiving, counseling and abandonment prevention.

ARFO established the “Trauma Consortium”, a group of trainers, and specialists who connect with one another for the purpose of creating a platform for each child at risk to be competently cared for.

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