Having the motto “Infinitely More”, ARFO 2016 represents the third edition of the National Summit organized by Romania Without Orphans Alliance. Starting from the dream that more than 30 NGOs in the alliance had – a Romanian nation in which every child is cared for and protected by a family ARFO 2016 declares that together we can infinitely more inviting us to find out how!

The events gathers over 500 attendees – adoptive parents, foster parents and caregivers, adopted or foster children, NGO staff, employees and managers of National Child Protection Services, clericals and also parliamentarians.

ARFO 2016 aims at inspiring, encouraging and training people who work with children at risk in Romania.
The Summit will be preceded by two pre-conferences that will take place simultaneously on October 26 to 27 – the training conference for professionals in social care services and the motivational conference for Church Christian leaders.

For more details on speakers, workshops and registration, click the below links.

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