Over 1,000 adoptive parents, foster parents, social workers, children adopted or placed in foster care, NGO workers, employees and directors of the DGASPC, clerics and MPs come together animated by a single dream: like if every child in Romania would grow up in a family dedicated to his welfare. Together to discover what we can do for the sake of our children!

According to a UNICEF study of 2016, a child spends an average of 7.5 years on the protection system. ARFO2018 brings the challenge of analyzing the “Long Way to Home” and trying together to make it shorter. The Summit calls for an analysis of both personal and system issues that should be changed so that the expectation becomes shorter.

ARFO2018 will contain motivational sessions, inspirational testimonials, debates on the possibilities of collaboration between the state and non-governmental organizations, over 50 workshops on different topics supported by national and international specialists.

ARFO2018 wants to inspire, encourage and train people working with children in difficulty in Romania.

The summit will be preceded by 3 pre-conferences.

Find out more at www.arfo.ro/arfo-summit-2018/.

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