ARFO Presentation

ROMANIA WITHOUT ORPHANS ALLIANCE engages non-governmental organizations, churches, companies, public and private individuals for a common purpose: that each child should receive the love, support and safety of belonging to a family.
The Mission of ARFO is to mobilize the whole society so that each child will belong to a family.
In our working together, we desire to inspire and equip people “to do good, to seek for justice, to help the oppressed” and most of all “to look after orphans”. Among out initiatives we can mention the Annual Summit, ”We Also Care” Campaign, “Orphan Sunday”, “The Training Consortium for Trauma Care and Awareness”, and the project “A weekend to remember”.

More than designing a program, ARFO aims at engaging our society in caring for children at risk. Therefore, we dream that Romania would become a nation of people who invest their time, talents and resources in caring for these children.