ARFO ambassadors

I strongly believe that each child has the right to a family caring for them,566ee5818cb40 not to an institution, and accepting them unconditionally, regardless of age, skin colour and health. The Apostle Paul said that the only faith that counts is „the faith expressing itself through love” (Galatians 5:6). Therefore, if we want our opinions on adoption to become a reality, first of all we need to really love children who don’t have a family. Then, we need to engage on all levels for these children to have a future. I support ARFO in all their efforts for all these.

Anamaria Balla, Ph.D. in psychology,
professor at the University of Partium and Emanuel in Oradea

bodoARFO, you are a beautiful dream in all the hearts of orphan children and of future parents. Thank you for your existence and that because of you we can hope, believe and enjoy united families. You are our big brother. Thank you, ARFO!
Loredana & Bodo (Proconsul)

55d30cbb838e6Each child needs a mom and a dad to grow beautifully and surrounded by love and attention. I really appreciate ARFO’s efforts to cultivate in Romania a culture for adoption, to encourage families to offer a home to the thousands of abandoned children. They represent the present and future of our nation, which is why we owe them our caregiving, the best conditions we can give them to carry things on for future generations.
Florica Cherecheș, Deputat Parlamentul României