Adrian Stanciu

Adi was born in a Christian evangelical family in Brașov when the city was called The City of Stalin. Church planting is one of the Adi’s legacies – his grandparents from both of his parents’ side were pioneers of a Baptist movement in Romanian villages which aimed at planting churches in people’s houses. Although he went go to church since he was little, he surrendered his life to God only when he was 16, when he heard the clear message of the Gospel. From that day he knew his eternal life was secured and serving people in need has become a lifetime passion.

The persecution in Romania put Adi’s faith to the test when, still in high school, he was threatened to be expelled because of his testimony as a Christ follower. All those challenges strengthened Adi’s faith in God. In 1980 he started working with children in the Romanian Baptist Church in Brașov. Before 1989 he was trained and worked with the Navigators and Campus Crusade for Christ to reach out and disciple young people. After the Revolution, he has developed a national youth ministry, working with Baptist Christian Youth Union, Reach Out Youth Solutions and The Romanian Mission Society, all these confirming Adi’s desire to full-time joining the ministry of serving and preaching the Gospel.

From 1992 to1997 he studied Pastoral Theology at Emanuel Seminary in Oradea and took the dissertation exam at the Faculty of Theology of the University of Bucharest. On September 26, 1999 Adi was ordained as Pastor of the Romanian Baptist Church in Brașov, and throughout the years has served in several churches, the last one being Methanoia Church in Brașov.

The passion for children and kids at risk came while he was involved in projects of charity organizations, like “Ecce Homo” in Cluj, the Barnaba Foundation in Oradea, the LOC Foundation in Tg. Mureș, The House of Hope HOSPICE in Brasov and others.

In 2012 he joined the initiative group of founders of the Romania Without Orphans Alliance, being involved mostly in motivating and engaging churches in Romania in caring for orphans and for adoptive or foster families.

At present, Adi is Vice-president of the Board of Directors of Romania Without Orphans Alliance and leads the Romania Project 1:27.

Adi is married to Floare and together have a daughter, Dora, a son in law, Vlad Crîznic and three grandchildren, Thomas, Amelia and Olivia.