Laura Andres

Founder of Oaza Association, Laura Andres, has been working in the social field since 1995 in response to God’s calling who told her to go among “the lost and forgotten of this world, the least desirable and most difficult to love, street children”.

She began her career without formal education, but full of love and the desire to help out. She has developed various programs for street children, like separate Residential Homes for boys and girls, a Centre for young girls with unwanted pregnancy, a farm for young adults, a Day Centre for homeless people. Throughout the years, the residential centres have become Foster Homes and Mrs Laura Andres lives with her protected children. Over 100 children have received professional support through the projects of the Oaza Association.

Laura studied Human Studies at Universitatea de Vest Vasile Goldis in Arad, where she graduated in 2008. Later, she studied for her master’s degree in Staff Evaluation, Training and Psychological counselling at the Faculty of Educational Science, Psychology and Social Assistance of the same University. She has a broad expertise as a trainer; she has also published various courses both for the staff working for Child Protection Services as well as for parents.

Nineteen years ago, Laura found an 11-month old little girl in the Arad Station and she saved her from death, loved her and managed to adopt her as a single mom. Currently, her family hosts two foster teenagers whom she has raised since they were three weeks old and one month old respectively.