Stefan Micliuc

Ștefi has been married to Luminița for 27 years and has four children.

He graduated from Life College – Mount Prospect, Illinois, USA – with a diploma in Theology and Pastoral Studies.

graduation certificate – Human Resources Management
graduation certificate – Train of trainers

1993 – 201: a 17-year experience as a Pastor
1996 – present: Founder and President of Rhema Christian Foundation
2010 – present: Program Director at Kiwi Casa Bucuriei Foundation
2015 – present: President of Romania Without Orphans Foundation (ARFO)

The year of 1996 was Ștefi’s first year in the social field, working with the Rhema Christian Foundation as a founder and president. The main goal of the Foundation has been to support children with HIV, abandoned in hospitals. Most of those children are now adolescents and young people who have succeeded in developing independent life
skills thanks to the programs of the Foundation. Another major project has been the intervention in a Roma community in Târgu Mureș and the opening of a Day Care where children can access the educational system.

Following his desire and strong inner motivation to help Romanian abandoned children, in 2004 Luminița and Ştefi founded Kiwi Casa Bucuriei Foundation, where he currently works as a Program Director.

The Foundation is involved in child protection services and is certified for four social services, with a main focus on adoption. Since 2004, 79 children have been assisted and 42 have been adopted.

As a founder of the foundation, Ștefi has tried to build the Foundation on the solid rock of his rich experience and expertise in developing projects that meet the needs of the community. Also, he has contributed to developing strategies and programs that help children at risk. Because of all his experience of working with international organizations, he has worked on elaborating and implementing partnerships with entities interested in child protection services, both nationally and abroad. He has had the satisfaction of finding viable, long-term partners, ready to contribute to the fulfilment of the goals they had in mind.

Facing a legal system with complicated procedures which does not encourage adoption at all, he understood something had to be done and efforts had to be put together to be a voice for those who don’t have one. This is how the idea of starting Romania Without Orphans Alliance was born, an entity ready to fight for the rights of children at risk. Currently, Ștefi is the president of the Romania Without Orphans Alliance and his focus is on promoting ARFO as a reliable partner for the authorities working in children protection services, for churches and the civil society who offers practical solutions for the issues of children at risk. His expertise is on motivational speaking, thinking and strategic planning, programs and human management.

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