ARFO Values

We believe:

  • That faith in God gives a sense and value to human life;
  • That family is the original cell of social life and has an important role in developing a healthy society;
  • In a deep moral revival and reversal to the authentic Christian values;
  • that active engaging in helping disadvantaged segments of society will contribute to developing the human and civic spirit;
  • that human relationships based on altruism, respect and mutual caregiving are the catalyst for the development of a healthy society;
  • the following values are vital in building a healthy society:
    • faith and hope;
    • human solidarity;
    • freedom and individual dignity;
    • respect for law and authorities;
    • value to the human personality;
    • community volunteer work;
    • altruism and the ability of giving away;
  • that civil society and the church can take the role of contributing to the welfare and development of life quality in general, with special intervention in favour of the disadvantaged segments of the society;
  • that by protecting the Romanian children’s rights, we will offer the next generation the right foundation for healthy growing and development.