Family Counts Pre-conference

This pre-conference will begin with the registration of participants on November 7th between 8:30 and 9:30, lunch between 12:30 and 14:00 and ending on November 8 at 17:00.

“Family Count” is a family restoration and reunification program. Its purpose is to help parents who for various reasons have lost their children (children’s homes, placement, etc.) and want to receive them back.

Every year, our country enters the 10,000 child protection system. 4,000 of them are reintegrated into the biological family. Most of them return to the system. The reason is often the fact that the biological family is not the environment in which the child is safe.

The “Family Count” program aims to come along with these vulnerable families, equip them with the training and support needed to be successful.

“The family counts” is a six week program. Through “The family counts,” the local church is equipped to meet the needs, mentoring and caring for parents who want to get their children back. Through this program, the church teaches curriculum while providing parents, caring for children, a meal, and a mentoring program.

The two main components of the program are curriculum taught in the classroom and mentoring one to one.

The 6 lessons taught are:

  • The family is meant to be successful
  • The family of origin and how our current family affects us
  • The family works as a team
  • The family blooms with discipline
  • The family was created with purpose and permanence
  • Broken families can be restored
  • Participants in this pre-conference will be equipped and will receive materials to be able to develop this program in their church.


Rick Morton – Vice President of Lifeline Children’s Services. He has a PhD in Christian Education and teaches at the New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary. Writer and international speaker, Rick is the co-author of the book “Orphanology: Awakening to Gospel-centered Adoption and Orphan Care. Rick and his wife Denise are married for 26 years and have three adopted children.

Jana Lombardo – Lifeline Children’s Services Program Manager. With over 28 years of experience in social care, Jana is Lifeline for Eastern Europe.

Traci Newell – Professional Social Assistant, National Director for the “Family Matters” program in the United States. Traci is responsible for the recruitment and training of bishops for the family restoration program. She is a foster parent, married to Marc for 21 years. She has two girls: Chrissy and Lily.