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If “Romania Without Orphans” is the dream that drives your heart, we would be very glad to have you as a partner. We believe we all have skills, talents, information, resources and time that can be a contribution to caring for the kids at risk. If you already know or if you are willing to see how you could help, contact us and we will consider our collaboration together.

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Join the Alliance

Being a member of the Alliance is your chance to join this God-inspired vision that goes beyond the dimensions of a project or an organization. Together, we want to inspire, connect and equip all people of peace to mirror His heart for the orphans.

We, as organizations and individuals who respond to this calling, want to connect the strengths of all members so we can equip all the people who have dedicated their lives to serving kids who face all kinds of difficulties.

Also, the Alliance connects local organizations with credible partners who have the same vision and values. Seen from the outside, in a world that is torn apart, we hope that the image of different organizations and individuals united to support children will reflect the character and heart of God.

What is Romania Without Orphans Alliance?

Romania Without Orphans Alliance unites non-governmental organizations, churches, companies, public and private figures with a common purpose, to support and promote the best interest of each child at risk. The intervention of each of the above entities is different, depending on the area and services they offer.

What is the mission of the Alliance?

All ARFO does is inspired by the command in The Book of Books: „Take up the cause/stand up for/defend the rights of the fatherless” – Isaiah 1:17. The Mission that ARFO has is to engage all society for the best interest of children at risk. We believe that the best interest of the child is to belong to a family who loves them and meets their material, emotional and spiritual needs.

Who are the members of the Alliance?

The members of the Alliance are people and organizations who are devoted to supporting the spiritual and physical needs of children at risk. Their services include adoption, foster family placement, and foster care, counseling and preventing abandon. The members are large organizations with great know-how in the area, tens of employees, but also individuals who are new in this area.

Membership rights and obligations

A. The members have the following rights:

• to be a part of the activities and meetings of the Alliance;
• to be elected as leaders of the Alliance;
• to get the benefits that the Alliance will grant in subsequent decisions.
• to get a 10% discount on all events ARFO organizes;

B. The members have the following obligations:

• to internalize and respect the vision, mission, purpose and objectives of the Alliance;
• to actively fulfill the purpose of the Alliance and maintain a constant interest in increasing the efficiency and developing the area of intervention of the Alliance;
• to respect the values and principles of the Alliance;
• to have dignity in any created situation, an irreproachable conduct and behavior;
• not to have a negative impact on the image of the Alliance;
• to pay the monthly financial contribution the ARFO Board decides – for 2015 it is 150 lei for individuals and 300 lei for entities.

Why join us?

The Alliance is not a place where people receive but an opportunity for people to join a family with a common dream. It puts the members together in an initiative that can have a much greater impact than a single organization or an individual can have. Together, we hope we can fire up all the community to share God’s heart for the fatherless.

If this your dream too, fill in the form that best suits you together with the “Agreement-in- Principle Form” and send them to the address:

As an alternative, one can fill in the online form that best suits them.

Forms to fill in:

  • agreement-in-principle form: sign in online or download pdf form;
  • sign in form for individuals: sign in online or download pdf form;
  • sign in form for churches: sign in online or download pdf form;
  • sign in form for organizations: sign in online or download pdf form.