ARFO Summit 2015

WE ALSO CARE for the 58.013 children without parents in Romania

poster SUMMIT 2015

From November 5 to 7, 2015, in Cluj-Napoca, Romania Without Orphans Alliance organized the second edition of the national meeting of the organizations and people who are working or are interested in children at risk.

Among the participants were Mr Daniel Vasile, State Secretary, President of the Roma People National Agency, Mrs Claudia Boghicevici, a Deputy for the Romanian Parliament, Mrs Florica Cherecheş, Deputy for the Romanian Parliament, as well as Don Lothrop, an ex-partner in the leadership of Delphi Ventures involved in several charity events in Romania.

Over 200 adoptive parents, caregivers and social workers, adopted children or foster children, NGO workers, employees and directors of the National Child Protection Services, clericals, but also parliamentarians participated in public presentations, debates on the possibility of a collaboration between the State and the NGOs, as well as in 16 workshops on several topics led by national and international professionals among whom we mention Dr. Anamaria Balla – Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapist, Corina Caba representing “Casa Speranţei” Foundation who has facilitated 400 children to find a family, but also Janet Feavel – Licensed Therapy Masseur and Nutritional Practitioner.

Cristi Cazacu’s concert and the art exhibition of the sculptor Liviu Mocan, along with the success story in this sensible area of abandoned children, made the event an original one.

Below, there are a few impressions of this year’s attendants:

“My husband and I felt encouraged to adopt a child.”
“I understood the importance of engaging the church, of taking small but creative steps for Christians in caring for the orphans. I will speak up for adoption in my church and among my friends.”
“Together we can have a great impact in the world of Romanian children who have no parents. This issue is too complex for anybody to fight it alone. The organizations, churches and individuals need to work together.”
“I would like to care for those who don’t have a voice. I would like to engage more and more people in the lives of abandoned children.”
“I have given up on my prejudice against adopting a Roma child.”
“I have learned a lot of valuable information about the trauma of abandoned children and about the healing process. I asked ARFO to help us organize training for DGASPC employees and for adoptive and foster families in the following months.”
“I am a business man and for me it meant more arguments to support adoption and foster care measures. Keep up the good work!”
“I have a better understanding of the problems of the legal system in Romania related to kids at risk and I want to use what I know to speak up for better laws.”
“It was a real encouragement to meet a great number of people who at last year’s summit were saying that they wanted to adopt or foster and here they are this year, with their kids. This proved to me that ARFO is more than just words, it can be done!”