Costel Parnău

Costel Parnău lives in Timișoara, graduated from the Faculty of Psychology, is married and has two children. He had a very hard time as a child when his parents got divorced. When he was six, after his parents divorced, he ended up in several orphanages. “I lived in a brutal, cold context. No one in the orphanage would wish you “Happy Birthday!” or “Good job!” when you did well, only threaten you with, “Watch and see what I am going to do to you. You will never reach high enough”.

When he was 17 years old, he had an accident that left him with both of his legs and left arm amputated after he had been pulled out from beneath the tram wheels. After 20 hours in a coma, Costel spent two years adapting, adjusting to a wheel chair, moments of despair, various rudimentary prosthesis, and new psychological shocks. After two years of suffering and questions with no answers, step by step Costel Parnău embraced his new life. Then, he met his future wife.

After the accident, his life was a big challenge. An ongoing fight for a job, for the house he lives in, and seeking to get back to his normal life. Only three years after his accident, he was working on construction sites, climbing the scaffold without his prosthesis, as well as preparing his materials and tools for work.

Today, Costel Parnău is a normal man who has fought for his life and family. He can’t accept being seen as having any problems and has never wanted to feel useless in society. On the contrary, he feels his heart is full because he has always been working and will always do so. He is a model of confidence showing how a person can handle life with just one hand and, regardless of the price, life is worth living.