Florica Cherecheș

Florica Cherecheș is from Oradea and has four children and four grandchildren. For Florica, her family is her “most precious wealth and her greatest achievement!’’ She started her career as an engineer for a tool and machine factory where she had several political and administrative positions. Throughout the years, she has participated in several training courses and seminars and has been invited to lecture within several national conferences. Since 2008 she is a member of the National Liberal Party, vice-president of the county and city PNL organization and the president of the Liberal Women Organization in Oradea.

From 2008 to 2012 she was a local counselor for the mayor, the President of the Labour, Health, Family, Social and Child Protection Committee. During January-June 2012 she was the vice-mayor of Oradea.

From December 9, 2012 she has been the Deputy for College 9 Oradea and her desire as a deputy is to serve her country and support the development of the city in every way possible.

Her main interests as a deputy concern the children and their families, which is why she accepted the position as a member of the Education, Science, Youth and Sport Committee. She has filed for and supported legislation initiatives concerning children protection, such as modifications in nursery and adoption laws.

She has participated in several conferences, both in the country and abroad, having a sincere desire to honorably represent Romania and the Parliament, to learn new things and develop functional relationships for our country.
To those who say she is a successful woman, she tells them that her personal recipe is “my faith in a personal God, self-confidence and a lot of hard work!’’

Since 2015, Florica Cherecheș has been an Ambassador for Romania Without Orphans Alliance, fighting together for the same dream: each child should benefit from the caregiving and protection of a family.