Support and training

One of the ways ARFO fulfils its mission is by being a resource or all the factors involved in working with children at risk: adoptive families, foster families, caregivers, social workers, staff of the DPC, volunteers etc.

There are two main ways in which we understand to do this:

Sunt două modalități principale prin care întelegem să facem aceasta:

1. Ensure physical, emotional and spiritual caregiving and build contexts that offer support to those involved in caring for children at risk. It is hard work, burning and exhausting, in which people devoted to these children sacrifice a lot, their lives oftentimes. We believe that serving these people, helping them stay healthy emotionally, physically and spiritually is a very important part in building the dream ARFO has. Thus, both locally and nationally, we are building support teams where participants are cared for and encouraged. Another way we do it is by organizing national retreats in which those invited are „spoilt”: they can rest, share with those who face the same issues and go back motivated to go on.

2. Ensure that all those working with children are equipped to do it efficiently. To use a metaphor, we can say that our desire is for every devoted person to go from giving ”unconditional love” to ”informed love”. For this, we are developing resources that help us better understand the trauma of children at risk on one side, but also how we can offer them efficient support. Some specific ways we use to cover all these are: book translation, training camps, professional courses, conferences and trainings that specifically address ways to serve children.