Month: March 2016

From “Irrecoverable” to Walking Miracle

I was condemned to a hellish orphanage at age two. Today I’m a musician, wife, and mother. This is my story. by Ramona Dudas I was born in the dark age when Communism was at large in Romania. By unfortunate...

/ March 24, 2016

An Argument… one of many

Între anii 2000 – 2013 Universitatea din Harvard a cu cât un copil părăsește mai devreme o instituție cu atât mai bine; familia este singurul cadru care poate asigura mediul în care un copil să primească stimularea adecvată dezvoltării sănătoase.realizat...

/ March 24, 2016

Trauma Consortium

Link catre Trauma Consortium – site de resurse in limba romana create pentru a ajuta persoanele implicate in vietile copiilor traumatizati.

/ March 22, 2016

ReMoved Ro

/ March 17, 2016

Summit ARFO 2015

/ March 17, 2016

Legi, norme și regulamente

1. Legea nr. 272/2004 privind protecţia şi promovarea drepturilor copilului – inclusiv modificările aduse prin L 131/2014 si OUG nr. 65/2014; 2. Legea nr. 273/2004 privind procedura adopţiei; 3. Norma metodologică de aplicare a Legii nr. 273/2004 privind regimul juridic...

/ March 15, 2016

Adoption, an answer to prayer!

Since we first met, my husband and I decided that a time would come when our family would welcome an abandoned child. We have been married for 14 years and blessed with three wonderful children: Andrei – 13 years old,...

/ March 14, 2016

Professional Caregiving

Foster Caregiving Services ensure the protection of the child who needs certain protection measures that cover the bringing up, caring for and education of the child by a professional foster caregiver; this protection also includes child placement in case of...

/ March 14, 2016