ARFO Summit 2017

Since 1963, the phrase “I have a dream” has represented the call to build a better future and to have the courage to dream and work for the good of humanity. The fourth edition of the ARFO National SUMMIT starts with the dream of every child to grow up in a family. We build our dream in a way that protects theirs: how would it look if every child in Romania could grow up in a family dedicated to their well-being. How would it look if every person in society could be part of this dream, bringing their talents, time, knowledge, and resources to make sure that no child would be left as an orphan? “I have a dream” is a daring dream that we can live together!

Summit unites over 500 participants: adoptive parents, nurses, social workers, adopted kids, kids in foster care, non-profit workers, employees and directors of National Child Protective Services, priests, pastors, and members of Parliament.

ARFO SUMMIT 2017 strives to inspire, to encourage, and to train people who work with at-risk children in Romania.

There will also be a pre-conference before the SUMMIT Conference, on November 22-23. It will be focused on training social care professionals.

ARFO SUMMIT 2017 will take place November 23-25. Registration will start on November 23, between 15:00-17:30, followed by dinner from 17:30-19:00. The first session will take place at 19:00. The conference ends November 25, with lunch between 13:30-15:00.
The Preconference will take place November 22-23. It will start with registration at 11:00-12:30, followed by lunch from 12:30-14:00, and will end on the 23rd with lunch between 12:30-14:00.

ARFO SUMMIT 2017 will take place in Bucharest at the Crystal Palace Ballrooms

You are responsible for booking your own accommodations. If you are looking for a reasonable hotel, we would suggest the Residence Hotels. For those who are interested, many families living in Bucharest have offered to host out-of-town. If you are interested in this, please specify this in your registration. Upon completion of your registration, we will contact you for the details.

ARFO SUMMIT 2017, November 23-25, (including materials, lunch, dinner, coffee breaks) – 200 LEI
Preconference, November 22-23 (including materials, lunch, dinner, and coffee breaks) – 100 lei


  • Children up to 2 years : free
  • From 2 years to 12, half price
  • Over 12 years, full price

ARFO SUMMIT 2017 will consist of motivational sessions, inspirational stories, debates dealing with the possible collaboration between government and non-governmental institutions, as well as over 40 workshops on various themes taught by national and international professionals.
The pre-conference training for social care professionals is geared towards those who works with children at risk – social workers, foster parents, National Child Protection Services and NGOs Staff, and adoptive or foster parents.

The theme of the preconference is “Empowered to lead: How to create support groups for adoptive and foster families.”

“Isolated”, “Scared”, “Hopeless” These are the expressed emotions of adoptive families found in crisis and feeling alone. One of the biggest needs of adoptive families is a feeling of belonging to a community. They need a safe place to be authentic regarding the emotions they face and the challenges they overcome. They need a place where others can encourage them and offer them solutions. Creating these spaces is the central theme of the day workshop.

Participants will learn about the stages of development for adoptive and foster families and will identify families with the greatest need of support. In an interactive format, they will learn strategies to develop creative support groups. Participants will leave the meeting with many practical tools and ideas about how to build a support group and to attract the families that come.